Why A Fiberglass Entry Door Is A Good Choice For Your Home

9 September 2016
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If it's time to put a new front door on your home, you should think about going with fiberglass. There is a wide selection when it comes to styles, so you can find a fiberglass entry door that fits your budget whether you want a luxury door or something more affordable. These are some of the advantages fiberglass has over steel and wood.

Why Fiberglass Is Better Than Wood

Solid wood doors are beautiful, but they are the most expensive doors on the market. You can buy a fiberglass door made with a wood grain finish, so the door looks just like an expensive wood door, but it is less expensive and it doesn't have any of the drawbacks of wood.

For one thing, wood expands and contracts along with changes in humidity and temperature. During periods of prolonged rain, wood swells, and this causes your door to stick. The wood can even warp and crack because of humidity or very cold temperatures. Wood also deteriorates as it ages unless you spend time taking care of it. You'll have to paint or stain the door regularly to keep it in good shape and looking nice. Also, termites and carpenter ants can damage the door if they infest your home.

If you go with fiberglass, you totally eliminate all these problems. Insects won't damage the door, and the door won't rot or deteriorate due to age or the weather. The only maintenance you need to do is wash the door occasionally to keep it free from dirt, pollution, and dust. No painting or staining is needed, even if you buy a fiberglass door that looks just like wood.

Why Fiberglass Is Superior To Steel

Steel doors are popular because they are inexpensive and secure. However, it may be difficult to kick in a steel door, but during the attempt, the door will be severely damaged. Steel dents easily. It can also be punctured fairly easily. Fiberglass offers the same level of protection to your home, but it also resists damage. It won't dent and it's difficult to puncture it.

Another advantage fiberglass has over steel is that it is a better insulator. A steel door may feel cold on the inside during the winter. A fiberglass door feels warm if it is warm inside your home, even if it is freezing outside. This makes it more energy efficient and reduces condensation on the door. Also, steel requires more maintenance. If it is nicked, the metal begins to rust. If you don't continually keep the rust sanded off and painted over, the appearance of the door will deteriorate. A fiberglass door keeps its new look for years with very little upkeep needed.

Your front door is about much more than just security and protection for your home. It also offers the first impression for guests as they enter your house. Therefore, you want a door that reflects well on you. Fiberglass fills this role well since it stays looking good even if you neglect it. Plus, when you go with a luxury fiberglass door with decorative glass, it will look like you spent much more since the door closely mimics the look of expensive solid wood.For more information, contact companies like New Method Insulation & Supply Ltd.