3 Tips For Remodeling A Busy Business

13 July 2016
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Remodeling a commercial space is often the last thing on the list when business is booming. However, sometimes it is a necessity. When the building is in disrepair or when business is increasing so much that an expansion is needed, a commercial remodeling project may jump to the top of the priority list. Remodeling can be big big task when there is a constant flow of employees and workers going in and out. Here are three tips for remodeling an active workplace.

Temporarily Move Locations

When it comes to a major remodel, it's often impossible to let business go on as usual in the current space. It's often safer and better for the business to temporarily move locations in this situation. The cost of commercial space in Canada varies greatly from city to city. The most expensive commercial space is in Toronto's financial district, where the average rent is $68.19 per square foot. In contrast, the average rent on 8th street in Calgary comes in at $45.60. Ideally, the temporary commercial space would be as close to the permanent space as possible. Moving out for a while can also help workers get the remodel done faster.

Hire Experienced Contractors

One issue with commercial remodeling is that it is not a one size fits all in terms of commercial remodeling services. Before remodeling a commercial space, it's important to select a contractor that has had experience with remodeling similar spaces. Owners can ask for references from other people who operate similar businesses and who have done remodels in the past. Business owners should also work carefully to lay out a plan that fits the business's needs. Planning for future growth is also something that should be discussed. Planning ahead can prevent another costly remodel in the future. 

Get A Timeline

The most important step for any remodeling project is to have a timeline in place. This means letting the contractor know when the remodel needs to be done and when the business needs to be moved back into the building. Having a firm deadline will allow a contractor to hire extra workers if needed. A firm deadline can also help when it's time to go back to business as usual since it allows the business to tell customers when they will be back in their original space.

Remodeling a busy business can be a big hassle. In order to keep the business running without endangering employees, it may be best to temporarily move into a different building while the remodel is happening. Hiring an experienced contractor and setting a firm timeline are also great choices for getting the business back to its normal operations as soon as possible. 

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