Four Areas Where Insulation Upgrades Can Reduce Your Energy Costs

2 January 2016
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Heat loss and gain are a major cause of wasted energy in your home. This can be caused by many different things, such as poor attic insulation, drafts around windows and air leaks. Many of the problems in your home that cause you to lose energy can be fixed by improvements to insulation, such as adding attic insulation or insulating around windows. Here are some insulation upgrades that can help make your home more energy efficient:

1. Stopping Energy Loss With Insulation In The Attic

One of the areas of your home where a lot of energy is lost is the attic. This is a place in your home where more insulation can help reduce heat loss and heat gain. There are many options for adding insulation to your home. If you want to do this improvement yourself, you can add a layer of batten insulation. There is also the option of having an insulation service use a spray-in material to improve the insulation of your attic.

2. Addressing Drafts From Openings By Adding Insulation

Drafts can be another problem that causes you to lose energy. Drafts can be caused by something as simple as weather stripping around windows and doors becoming worn. In addition to weather stripping, windows and doors should also be insulated between the frame and wood of the opening. Addressing these issues can help stop drafts and loss of energy.

3. Insulating Unfinished Areas To Help Reduce Energy Loss

There may also be unfinished areas of your home that lack insulation. This can be areas like garages and unfinished basements. This can be an area where energy is lost, which is why you may want to consider improving insulation in unfinished areas of your home. Insulate things like exterior walls and areas where air leaks from your home.

4. Sealing Air Leaks From Mechanical Penetrations And Other Causes

Mechanical penetrations are another major cause of energy loss in your home. This can be caused by the insulation being removed around pipes and other materials. To improve the insulation of your home, you can use spray foam to seal around any penetrations in exterior walls to help prevent energy loss.

These are some energy upgrades that can help you make your home more energy efficient. If you are ready to start updating your home, contact an insulation contractor like one from Four Seasons Insulation Ltd and talk with them about the improvements needed to prevent energy loss in your home.