What You Need To Know About Certain Upgrades When Building A Home

18 June 2015
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Building your own home is a very exciting time, and many people look forward to when they will be able to build a custom to fit their personal needs. If you are building your home you might be wondering where to invest in upgrades and where to hold back. Here are a couple things that you need to know about upgrading your home.

1. If Budget Is Limited, Do Structural Upgrades

There are some upgrades that you can do after the house has been built and there are others that need to be done right away. For example, if you are considering bumping out the family room to give yourself a little more space, that is a good upgrade. If you are considering paying extra to have the builder put in two tone paint, that is an upgrade that could wait if the budget is tight.

The reason for this is that you can always make changes later. If you want to add the yard, change the railings, put in nicer flooring, these are all things that can be done without putting in a lot of money, or tearing up the house. Things like adding another sink in the bathroom, changing the loft into another bedroom, adding a sunroom, etc., are all things that are much harder to change after the fact.

This is why you should sit down and decide which places are the best to put your money for the long-term. It might mean you have to wait a little longer to get the extra things you wanted, like paint and different flooring, but it will be easier in the long run.

2. Think Of Resale Value, Not Just What You Want

When you build the house you might be thinking only about what you want. Although you are building your dream home, there will be a time when the house will need to be resold, even if it is decades down the road. When building the house, try to design it with the resale value in mind. Although you may love bright green cabinets, it will take a very specific buyer to appreciate that. So either be prepared to make some changes before you sell, or choose something that can be appreciated by the masses. Having an interior decorator help you might be one of the best ways to choose things that are liked by the majority.

These are just some simple things that you can do to ensure that when building a house you are making the right choices. If you have specific questions about the affordability of your dream home or more generally about custom home construction Abbey Master Builder or other similar businesses will be able to help.