3 Tips For Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning When Using Your Fireplace

4 May 2015
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Although your fireplace can bring a lot of warmth, comfort and atmosphere for your home, it can also be dangerous if you aren't careful. Carbon monoxide is a real issue that you should be concerned about, and this odorless gas can cause illness or even death.

You don't have to stop using your fireplace just to keep your family safe, however. Instead, if you follow these tips, you can help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning while still enjoying the joys of your fireplace.

1. Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

First and foremost, you should install carbon monoxide detectors near your fireplace and all throughout your home. For maximum safety, install one in each room of your house. Carbon monoxide detectors don't cost much and can be found at just about any home improvement or mass market retail store; just check the area near the smoke detectors. A carbon monoxide detector will alert your family if there are any carbon monoxide levels in the air, which can be enough to save your family's life. Just make sure that you check the batteries each time that you check your smoke detector batteries to prevent failure.

2. Open Up a Window

It might seem counterproductive to open up a window when you are trying to enjoy the warmth of your fireplace. However, if your fireplace is unvented, it is important to do so.

3. Have Your Fireplace Inspected and Cleaned Each Year

It is imperative to have your fireplace cleaned and inspected at least once per year. When your fireplace is cleaned, your chimney sweep will get rid of any debris that might cause gas and smoke to stay in your home. This can help with ventilation. Plus, while inspecting, your chimney repair professional can seal up any cracks, check your ventilation system and otherwise ensure that your fireplace and chimney are in their best possible condition. This will help ensure that no carbon monoxide is building up in your home.

Carbon monoxide can be extremely dangerous and can cause you and your family members to get very sick. In fact, carbon monoxide poisoning can even be lethal. Therefore, it is important to fight against carbon monoxide when using your fireplace. Luckily, following these tips can help you keep your family safe, and you won't have to give up enjoying the warmth and beauty of your fireplace this winter in order to protect yourself and your loved ones. If your chimney ever needs repairs, visit Steve's Masonry Service.