Renovating Your Kitchen? Give Your Cabinets New Life With Chalkboard Paint

4 November 2014
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The cabinets are a focal point in most any kitchen. If you are looking for a way to give your kitchen cabinets a whole new look, you should consider coating them with chalkboard paint. Not only can chalkboard paint change the entire appearance of your kitchen, it can also give your cabinet faces a new functional purpose. Here's a look at what you need to do to get a smooth, flawless chalkboard finish on your cabinets.

Take the Cabinets Apart

The first thing you'll need to do is take all of the cabinet doors off the walls. Remove the hardware, including the hinges and the handles. Consult with professionals, such as Gravelle Woodworking Limited, if you'd prefer not doing this task. You'll need a clear surface before you can prepare it for paint. Once Place a small piece of masking tape on the back side of each of the cabinet doors to label them so that you know where each door goes when they're finished.

Sand the Existing Paint

Start with medium grit sandpaper to rough up the surface and get rid of any debris or particles in the existing paint. You can use an electric rotary sander or a block sander to do this, depending on what is easiest for you. Once you have covered the main surface area, you'll want to sand the cracks and crevices by hand.

The goal of this process isn't to remove all of the existing paint, but instead to create a textured surface. Once you finish this stage, use fine grit sandpaper to smooth out any splinters or uneven spots.

Fill Cracks and Holes

The paint will not create a smooth surface without filling in any holes and cracks in the space. You can fill all of the uneven spaces easily with wood filler. Apply a small amount of filler to the uneven area and then level it with a putty knife. Let the putty dry completely. This usually takes a couple of hours. Once the filler is dry, sand it with fine grit sandpaper. The goal is to create a smooth, even finish.

Prime and Paint

Priming is an essential part of the repainting process, because it gives you the opportunity to create a consistent, solid foundation for the paint that you're about to apply. Apply the primer in an even coat with an angled paintbrush, then go back over it with a foam roller before it starts to set. The paintbrush will give you an even application, and the foam roller will remove the brush strokes.

Allow the primer to dry completely, then apply the chalkboard paint in the same manner. Work in small sections so that you can be sure that you have an even coating. Let it dry according to the directions for the brand that you choose.

Painting your cabinet doors with chalkboard paint gives you a wide space to make notes, jot down recipes and even create a shopping list. As long as you have a piece of chalk handy, you'll never be without a space to write something down in the kitchen again.